Chinese Christian Church of Baton Rouge

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報告事項 Announcements

  1. 歡迎新來的弟兄姊妹和朋友和我們一起敬拜神,願神賜福給您,也希望我們教會成為您屬靈的家。
  2. 下壹季主日學介紹
  3. 未來兩周事奉提醒
  4. 為詩班的獻詩感謝神,願神紀念各位弟兄姊妹的忠心擺上。
  5. 報名開始: 謝(林芳蘭)師母,4月27/2019
    1) 「選詩與領詩」 10:30AM - 12:00PM
    2)「會眾的唱詩」 1:00PM - 3:00PM
  6. 為今天受洗的弟兄姊妹感謝神,求神保守祝福他們在主裡的成長。
  7. 參加聖樂事工培訓的弟兄姊妹請儘快報名(楊路得弟兄)
  8. 台灣短宣: 今年暑期台灣短宣目前已有十多人確定參加。所有願意參加的人請在4/28主日或之前填寫報名單,交給Allen Huang弟兄或交給師母。若有初中生願意參加要有父母同行。

English Ministry schedule & Announcements:

  1. Easter Sunday Baptism. There will be baptism on Easter Sunday 4/21. Please see your Sunday school teachers if you would like to be baptized.
  2. Music workshop. On Saturday 4/27 there will be a music workshop on how to lead sing praise and how to sing hymns. The morning session is for worship leaders and the afternoon session is for all church members.
  3. Taiwan Mission Trip. Our church is planning to participate in this year’s Taiwan mission trip in late July. All high school, college students and professionals are encouraged to take part. Please see Allen and Wenxin for details.

Prayer Requests

  • 陳牧師的宣教事工
  • 劉炤元/胡虹在三一神學院及劉宛瑩在修紐奧良浸信會神學院就讀
    Zhao Yuan Liu and Hong Hu studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Wanying Liu studying at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • 英文部聘牧事工
  • 教會支持的宣教機構和宣教士
    All ministries and missionaries whom our church supports
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