Chinese Christian Church of Baton Rouge

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  1. 為史定勝長老的證道信息感謝神,求神保守他和丁兆蓉姊妹的忠心事奉。
  2. 根據英文聘牧委員會和執事會的建議和會友大會的表決結果,我們教會正式聘用W. Daniel Jackson弟兄為我們的英文傳道。
  3. 請弟兄姊妹繼續為神學生奉獻,在支票上註明「神學生」。
  4. 今天下午1:00將有本月長執會,若你已信主受洗並同意本教會章程,我們誠邀你加入教會,成為會友,一起來事奉神。
  5. 新一季主日學介紹

English Ministry Announcements:

  1. The pastoral search committee and deacon board have recommended Brother Daniel Jackson as our next English minister. This was confirmed by congregational Vote last Sunday. Praise God for His guidance during the search process. Please continue to pray for the English ministry and Daniel and his family (travel safety, relocation).
  2. Review of Taiwan STM
    Slide show of Taiwan STM (PowerPoint file)


  • 教會支持的宣教士
  • 三位神學生
  • 中文部聘牧事工
  • 暑假期間新來到 LSU 入學的中國留學生
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